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Podcast 54: A p00ned FBI network, Barracuda, vulnerable Mac,, fired TJX employee, and Sourcefire walk into a bar…

30 May , 2008  


Alan and I finally got off our duffs and recorded a podcast. Can you believe it? We have the evidence right here in our grimy little podcasting hands to prove it. But, you’ll have to listen to believe it for yourself.

In podcast #54 Alan and I are back to our old antics, and discuss:

  • How the FBI’s network easily got p00ned by a pen tester in just a few minutes, right up to the NCIC crime database
  • Hot off the presses Barracuda unsolicited (serious?) bid for Sourcefire
  • Mac’s nasty track record for security vulnerabilities (we won’t see those commercials anytime soon, will we)
  • Some new fangled service called that Alan’s all hot about
  • The ethics of security issues, or, how to get fired from TJX without really trying

Alan and I also take some time to put a plug in there for the news about the origins of Stonehenge, and NASA’s Mars Phoenix lander. We also pay homage to two greats who passed in the last few days, comedian Harvey Korman and director/actor Sidney Pollack. "That’s Headley!" Thanks for the wonderful years, guys.

Enjoy the podcast and please drop us any suggestions or questions at

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