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Podcast: Windows Azure, Windows 7 zero day and 2nd iPhone worm

24 Nov , 2009  

Welcome again to the Alan and Mitchell Podcast. We're still working on a new podcast name so hang in there until we have something better.

During the podcast, Alan and I talk about:

1. New security features in Windows Azure
2. The first zero day for Windows 7
3. 2nd iPhone worm
4. HP/3Com
5. Why is security so hard
6. Fortinet's IPO
7. Cloud Computing becoming part of the pop culture

Thanks for joining us and enjoy the podcast!

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5 Responses

  1. IT Ninja says:

    btw guys, the National Security Agency was recently hacked. Yes hacked! But it was downplayed to the media for obvious shameful reasons. Here’s the link :http://pinoysecurity.blogspot.com/2010/02/wwwnsagov-hacked.html

  2. Mesothelioma says:

    Seems to me you are doing amazing work for windows azure. Guys keep it (Y)

  3. rubyoxy says:

    Thank you for providing a download link for this podcast. I’ll have something to listen to tomorrow morning when I go jogging. Thank you all for all the great info and interviews. You keep my mind busy!

  4. Penny Stocks says:

    It has been rightly designed for professionals. The terms, here used, sound professional and are hard to know.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Security threats on networks and phones can be really alarming.

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