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SSAATY Podcast #57 – Tom Noonan

16 Sep , 2008  

It's that time again and we really have a "big show" for you with episode 57 of the SSAATY Podcast. Industry veteran and luminary Tom Noonan joins Alan and me. Unless you are new to security, you know that Tom was the co-founder of Internet Security Systems (ISS) which was sold and is now part of IBM. Through ISS, Tom helped make intrusion detection, vulnerability management, unified threat management, and security research (through the X-Force team) commonplace within the security industry.

Tom's now retired from IBM following ISS's integration into the company and is now on the advisory board of Rohati. Rohati provides Network-Based Entitlement Control (NBEC), offering the Rohati TNS 100, 500 and Central Management System products. Tom's excitement about Rohati and the Rohati team is clear and you can tell he's enjoying his advisory role with the company.

 During the podcast, we reflect on Tom's early experiences with ISS and how that has shaped and relates to today's security industry. Tom's view is that it's still early in the life of the security industry and there's ample opportunity for new companies and technologies to emerge and make an impact.

Whether you are a security newbie or veteran, you'll find the interview with Tom informative and inspiring, so join Alan and me in welcoming Tom to episode 57 of the podcast.

As a wrap up, Alan and I talk about some of the acquisition rumors, including Citrix being in play with Microsoft, Cisco and IBM, and Juniper is looking at Aruba and Meru Networks. Alan also applies some smackdown on Mirage Networks for making such a big deal about running their NAC product as a virtual software appliance. Alan also surprises us with his less than enthusiastic experience with his iPhone 3G, and surprisingly is ready to bring back his Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 phone in place of the iPhone. I'm glad Alan's finally seen the light and sees Apple for what it is, a closed hardware and closed software company that's more about cool fads and cultish followings than easy to use, functional, customer centered products. Since recording the podcast, Apple's now taken to banning competitive products from App Store too! Looks like Alan isn't the only one with iPhone buyer's remorse.

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