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Podcast #58 – Bill Brenner, CSO Online

29 Sep , 2008  

This week Bill Brenner, senior editor at CSO Online, joins Alan and me to discuss the impact the financial crisis will have on security in enterprises, small businesses and the security industry itself. We're likely to see a lot more federal regulations and this could actually be good for network security (see my Network World blog post about recessions, transparency and network security.) The interview is also a good insight into the world of a media writer/editor, as Bill shares why he move from reporting on the everyday security news to his new position where he gives his own insights and comments into what's happening.

Alan and I also talk about a host of items including the every evolving M&A activity in the security industry, Apple's wonderful blackbox "we know better" iPhone (which wiped out all of Alan's music during a recent upgrade), and "green IT" press releases by Mirage Networks and others.

Enjoy the podcast. If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast, feel free to contact us.


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