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Podcast #39 – Data Leakage Prevention

15 May , 2007  

If any topic is one to dethrone NAC from the top of every conference and media list of hot topics, it’s DLP – data leakage prevention. This week our guests on the podcast are here to talk about DLP; Faizel Lakhani, Reconnex VP of products and marketing, and Tom Bowers, security expert and contributor to security magazines such as Information Security. We talk about Tom’s efforts in implementing DLP at a prior company, and also how DLP differs from other similar technologies like content inspection. Faizel gives a brief peak into Reconnex products. I think you will enjoy our conversation with them.

In The Converging Minute I discuss the performance delimea so many UTM and multi-function appliances face when users turn on more than a couple of features on the box. I discussed this also in a recent post.

This Week In Security we have rousing discussion about the Windows BIT (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) vulnerability, the OpenSEA consortium which just formed, Snort 3.0 licensing and the controversy around efforts to redefine "derivative works", and lastly, corporate blogging policies.

Alan wraps up the podcast with some kind words about my post Life with Cancer and my wife’s battle to beat breast cancer. Thanks, Alan.

If you are new to the podcast, welcome. If you are a regular listener, thanks for listening again!  Feel free to send us any comments or questions at podcast@stillsecure.com.

Note: There are no Soprano’s spoilers in the podcast 🙂

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