When crapware turns bad, things get ugly

29 May , 2007  

If you’ve had a new computer, you’ve experienced "crapware", the annoying software hardware manufactures are paid to ship on your new computer. AV software, online services, image software, trialware, etc., etc.

I recently purchased an HP dv9000. I was very pleased with my previous dv5000 and the new computer is even better. (It’s great to run a virus scan with the dual core CPU and not have the entire system lock up). Of course one of the things you have to deal with on any new computer is the crapware, sometimes also called craplets, that come with your computer. We used to complain about the time it takes to update Windows on a new system. Now removing the crapware takes even longer.

One of the craplets on this system was a popup to get you to buy the extended service plan. This is where things went bad. Suddenly, after having the computer for two months, the extended service plan pop up started coming up endlessly and wouldn’t go away. It didn’t matter which option you selected, including the "I already purchased the extended service plan" – the dumb thing wouldn’t go away. In effect, now my computer is spamming me with endless pop ups!

A modest amount of digging showed an entry in the Windows Task Scheduler and with a few clicks, it was gone (and I deleted the .exe to be sure.) Needless to say, I wasn’t inclined to buy the extended service plan and this experience didn’t exactly endear me to the idea.


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  1. Chin says:

    Thank you so much!!!! That crap was annoying me! Then, the program would freeze and it would never want to go away for days unless I shut down the computer!

  2. jennifer says:

    I COULD KISS U!! oooh my gosh-for 6 months i had to suffer this stupid annoying pop up!!!! thanks soooooooooo much for explaining a way to remove that annoying crap….thanks again!!

  3. Jen says:

    Thank you!!! What an extremely annoying and ineffective pop up. I’m so happy that I found out how to get rid of it…finally!

  4. Bob says:

    I can’t find the windows ask scheduler….. I’ve looked in the control panel and can’t find anything with that name. I want to rid myself of that annoying HP popup about the Extended Service Warranty.

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  6. In that case I think you should be contacting HP company and try to solve this problem at the earliest.

  7. […]I would suggest that this Crapware software should not be installed instead it should be given to the customer on CD and it must be his choice that if he wants to install it or not

  8. If there are so many complains then I think company should think over it and should install it on computers.Or else they can provide a copy with the systems.

  9. Well this irritates a lot, there should be an alternate option for this as well.

  10. HP Computers says:

    Crapware is really such annoying thing and I hate it the most while working. There should be a step so as to remove this shit.

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