Today is World AIDS Day 2008

1 Dec , 2008  

Seems like we don’t hear very much about HIV AIDS anymore. Maybe we’re over saturated with news reports, we’re just numb to it, or we thought the problem went away. If you’re like me, you recall hearing we’ve made progress and HIV AIDS isn’t growing as fast as it once was. If you think the HIV AIDS problem has gone away, think again. It might not be the biggest “killer disease” in the US but it is very much a world epidemic scale problem, with AIDS killing 1.5 million in Africa and 340,000 in South-East Asia in 2007. Worldwide there were over 2 million deaths from AIDS.

Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day 2008, a day set aside some eight years ago to help continue worldwide awareness of AIDS and the impact it has on countries and people across the world. Part of my business is working the companies and individuals on social media strategies to help them become contributing members of the online world where they can reach and build relationships with customers. My own further exploration into social media caused me to get into doing more things with video. I video tape and post conferences, do online product demos and reviews, and I’ve also dedicated some time to creating video assets for social causes I’m involved in or believe in.

This week I created a video, and posted it on YouTube, about the global impact of AIDS to help increase awareness about the disease. Once the recording project I’m working on is close to wrapping up (in the next few weeks) I’ll recast the video with one of the songs from that CD.

I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to watch this 3 minute 35 second video about World AIDS Day 2008 and an organization I support that works with orphan children in Romania and more recently Africa, called Global Hope. You can watch the video here or check out a few of my other original videos I’ve posted on my Converging Network YouTube channel page.

Here’s a link to a document from the Joint United Nations Programme On HIV/AIDS if you would like to see more information about HIV/AIDS statistics across the world.

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