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Microsoft, Palm, Crackberry, iPhone – Gogglephone calling. It’s for you!

29 Aug , 2007  

It’s rumored that Goggle may announce a new Linux-based phone operating system after Labor Day. As a web 2.0 user and enthusiast I say "wonderful" on several accounts. First, any opportunity for someone to enter the scene and put Windows Mobile Smartphone (what runs on my Motorola Q) to a quick death would get my vote. Even a swift kick might be helpful.

I’ve had Windows Mobile on two phone platforms and nothing could be more painful to endure; the phone reboots itself several times a week, hot keys suddenly go on a Microsoft veteran sabbatical, and I still haven’t figured out how to do a simple 3-way call. I live for the day Verizon carries a viable alternative, like the current Blackberry Pearl. Could a Googlephone be in Verizon’s future? That would be a blessing.

What’s even more exciting about a possible Googlephone is having an open mobile platform in which applications can truly be integrated and interoperate with network web 2.0 apps. Maybe then I could do a 3-way call too. I know, I know – all the iPhone-ers will say get an iPhone but compromising on call quality with Cingular/ATT’s network, and paying the $200 drop charge plus $600 for the phone doesn’t exactly fit into the empty-nester / 2 kids in college gadget budget.

Go Googlephone. I’m excited to see what they have.

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  1. alan shimel says:

    Mitchell- it must be something with your phone. I do 3 way calls on my windows mobile all the time. Next time we are together I will give you a quick lesson. Also the new ATT 3g network is pretty good. Now, bluetooth is another issue!

  2. Windows Mobile or Windows Mobile Smartphone? Your phone is supposed to be simple to use. I refuse to get out the manual to figure out what should be a simple, straight forward task on your phone.If it takes a strategy guy to figure out how to do this then we know it’s too complicated, lol. 🙂

  3. Das GooglePhone…Powered by GoogleOS…Will Be Connected Via GoogleFi via GooglePOPs…paid for by GoogleAds…There have been no shortage of rumors, leaks and innuendo lately regarding Google’s plans for the production of the GooglePhone. Google’s made no secret of the fact that it’s shopping for platform partners as the explore the potential. It’s suggested

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