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Is Microsoft Becoming Another Cisco?

11 Dec , 2007  

I put a blog post today on my Network World blog about Microsoft turning intoanother Cisco, that is, Microsoft has ramped the acquisition engine and is nowbuying its way into product categories to keep up with more innovativecompanies. I’m thinking specifically of Google.

A commenter to that post reminded me that even DOS was an acquisition, whichis true. I think the difference I’m pointing out here is that Microsoft is nowplaying a game of reactive cat-and-mouse. Google makes a move, Microsoftacquires a technology or company so Google doesn’t gain the upper hand.

Will Microsoft become so bloated they’ll drop under their own weight? Havethey already reached that point? Well, Microsoft still as dominant as they’veever been so it’s not time start call out "the sky is falling" by anystretch.


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