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Apple iPod Touch Set to Become VoIP Phone

31 Dec , 2007  

Coming Tomorrow, January 1 – Make VoIP calls on the iPod Touch.

Three French developers have created a hack for the Apple iPod Touch thatwill allow it to be used as a VoIP phone. I have to assume they’ve added the SIPstack to the Touch and are using the WiFi connection on the iPod Touch to makeVoIP calls.

Will Apple squash this French iPod VoIP Revolution and make bricksout of iPod Touch devices? Possible but since there’s not a required ATT serviceagreement for the Touch like the iPhone there’s not the same networkrestrictions.

Interesting idea, I can see the tagline now.  Let your Apple iPod Touch reach out and touch someone! Ha, those craaaazy frenshhh peep-pulz!


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  1. The trick is to convince people that their public sector employees should NOT be robbing them blind. We know where the money goes when we buy an ipod because no one else can beat Apple’s price.In Government, it isn’t nearly as easy to switch brands; which is why we must hold them to a far more rigorous standard

  2. Congratulation !all of them who will be created a Voip Phone SystemThanks for it….

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