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Upcoming podcast on Selling Security

19 Sep , 2006  

I just wanted to give you an early heads up on this week’s podcast. Last night we had an unbelievable experience recording the weekly SSATY podcast. One of the hardest jobs security samurai have is to “sell” security to key leaders within the business. An all-star line up of security experts and practitioners joined us for the recording – Martin McKeay (Network Security Blog, ComputerWorld), Michael Farnum (Information Security Place, ComputerWorld), Bobby Dominguez (Sykes, online shopping companies and Lycos) and Mike Rothman (SecurityIncite, NetworkWorld).

There must have been a “harmonic convergence” among the security planets last night because the panel was particularly magnificent. I think this happens when such talented people get together and they have some real time to start to unravel such an important topic. We discussed a wide range of topics including diagnosing the problem, real world experiences (both successes and failures), understanding the audience you are selling to, putting security in business terms, building support at the grass roots level, “exposing” problems when not everyone might appreciate it, using outside experts, and some new ideas worth trying.

Also, please keep the “cards and letters” coming for our new Security Questions segment of the podcast. We’ve received some great questions so far and would love to hear from you. We’ll be adding this segment to the podcast in the next few weeks. Please send your questions to

The podcast should be uploaded sometime in the next few days so hang tight and be on the lookout so you can gain some key insights into Selling Security.

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Podcasting means new friends at w3w3 (part 1)

18 Sep , 2006  

My brief few months of podcasting and blogging has helped me meet many new friends, and frankly create new opportunities to network with interesting people. Larry Nelson at recently came by the StillSecure offices in Superior, CO, to interview Alan Shimel and me about our entrepreneurial experiences and learnings. You can listen to the first half of Larry’s interview with us here.

On the podcast interview, we talk about what investors look for today in start up companies, how expectations differ from pre-2000 startups, competing with the 800 pound gorillas of security, differentiating yourself, and red flags in startups (e.g., avoid the over-hype cycle of the ’90s.)

Larry is uniquely qualified to interview entrepreneurs as he is a serial entrepreneur himself with his start in Idea Development, Measurable Performance Systems and others leading up to starting his newsletter, blog and podcast at Larry’s been such a force supporting Colorado tech companies that he received the 2006 Advancing Colorado Excellence Award for Advancement of the Technology Community from Governor Bill Owens.

Larry, thanks for taking the time to talk shop on your podcast and most importantly, thanks for our new friendship.


Labor Day reflections

31 Aug , 2006  

Labor Day weekend is one of the holidays that signal change. Summer activities are over, kids are back in school (or college in my kids’ case), football is in the air (Husker football, most importantly) and my focus turns to the stretch to the end of the year. As a teen I spent most of my summers water skiing, scuba diving and sailing on Lake McConaughy at Ogallala, Nebraska. For a number of years Labor Day has been the time for the big sailboat regatta on McConaughy. This weekend I’ll be heading out of Colorado and cruising past “Big Mac” as I go to visit with family in eastern Nebraska.

One of the changes for me this summer was starting TheConvergingNetwork blog. I have to admit, I’ve really come to enjoy blogging. This blog has been up for about six weeks and already it has become a part of me. I am most amazed at how quickly the number of subscribers has grown. Though it’s not the reason I blog, I’m pretty shocked at the number of subscribers already. All of you are phenomenal and I am humbled you would follow along as I seek to better understand the security, networking and computing markets and technologies. I’ve even managed to raise a few hackles along the way so I guess that means I’m stretching my own thinking here and there too.

I really enjoy the various friends and acquaintances blogging brings you, both online and in person, controversial and supportive (and sometimes all at the same time.). Friends like Alan Shimel, Mike Rothman, Michael Franum, Brad Feld, and Chris Hoff; thanks for welcoming me to the blogging community. Whether you agree with me or not, keep it coming! The engagement is invigorating and I believe it helps move the ball down field for everyone’s benefit.

Recently Alan Shimel asked me to join him as co-host of the StillSecure, After All These Years podcast and I’m having a blast doing it. I told Alan the other day that podcasting is like when you were a kid and your dad brought home the family’s first tape recorder. Then you sneak down to the basement and secretly record you own version of a radio show. Next you listen to it and laugh at how funny your recorded voice sounds.

To top that, now Alan and I get to laugh at ourselves, have a good time discussing security news events, and interview real guests who have some really insightful ideas to share. I’m very grateful to all the guests that have taken an evening out of their week to join us for some security jousting. We are rapidly coming up on 2,000 podcast subscribers (actually, I think we are already there) which is really amazing to me. We both owe a debt of gratitude to our guests and to our listeners who take 45 minutes out of their week to listen to what’s happening “this week in security”. Soon we will be adding various music elements that I’ve written and recorded so that will be a fun milestone for me personally. We are always looking to keep the podcast show fresh so please keep those “cards and letters coming” with your ideas for the show.

Before I sign off on this entry in the blog I would like to ask for your support for cancer research. Various forms of cancer have touched many people I know, most importantly my wife who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 14 months ago. Thanks to the latest breast cancer research, very supportive family, friends and co-workers, and countless prayers from literally all over the world, my “miracle girl” Mary Ellen has been cancer free since January of this year. I’m certain there’s someone near you in your life touched by some type of cancer.

Targeted cancer treatments are relatively new on the scene but they are beginning to show up and can make a big difference. It was one of these drugs that helped Mary Ellen achieve such tremendous results. The rate of progress in cancer research and treatment has progressed significantly just in the past few years. Whether it is the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation, Y-ME national breast cancer organization, the American Cancer Society or simply lending a hand to someone with cancer, any type of effort will make a difference. My thoughts and prayers go to those around my life and yours who are battling cancer.

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday weekend and please be safe in your travels. And oh yes, Phill did get his computer back together in one piece. He’s showing me up again, now with his new RAID 0 hard disk set up. I guess it’s time to upgrade again.


Recommended blog – An Information Security Place

10 Aug , 2006  

This week I had the pleasure to meet (virutally) Michael Farnan on this week’s SAATY podcast. Michael’s been at the blogging thing for a while (he’s one of the guys I get my information from) and blogs at both An Information Security Place and Computer World.

Michael was gracious enough to spotlight my blog this week and I would like to do the same. So if you aren’t a regular reader of Michael’s you definitely should be. He’s a true security samurai doing security as his daily job. Michael cuts right to the chase and tells it like it is which I find very refreshing and informative. Please check out his stuff and subscribe. Special thanks to Alan Shimel for introducing us and thank you Michael for welcoming me to the blogging community.