G Men smackdown iPhone 4 biz – but for how long?

20 Jun , 2007  

SmackdownReports from Network World are that Gartner is recommending businesses stay away from the Apple iPhone because of security issues and lack of Microsoft Exchange support. Without Exchange support, email would have to be forwarded to an ISP and then downloaded to the phone. No matter how cool the phone, I’m not gonna do that and neither would most business users.

I can tell you that it won’t take a report from Gartner to turn business users off from the Apple iPhone. If it doesn’t support Exchange, users and IT/email staff will figure that out pretty quickly. So, is Gartner looking for to get a bump in the ratings by being a iPhone/Business neigh sayer? Maybe, but I believe this will only be a short term problem.

The Blackberry had the same problem when it was introduced. You had to leave a computer running and logged into email so it would forward your email to the Blackberry. Back then everyone wasn’t as security conscious as we are now. Apple’s iPhone email limitations are both a security and privacy concern. Not many users are going to give up email functionality just to be cool by being the first to have an iPhone.

Wall Street Journal is saying Apple very much intends to sell the iPhone to business users. At a steep $599 you better believe they are. It’s only a matter of time before Microsoft Exchange support is added to the iPhone. This will only be a short term limitation, whether Gartner and other analysts poo-poo the iPhone or not.

What we all forget is Apple’s theory of product introductions; ship it early, fix it later. As one of the recent cases, does the iPod battery problems ring a bell for anyone? Apple does really great product design; they just forget to finish the job and rush product into uses hands as soon as possible. Eventually they get it right, you just have to recognize you are signing up for that journey when you buy Apple stuff at product introduction. What’s the saying about Microsoft; I’ll wait for the first service pack to come out. The same applies – same goes for Apple.

Business cell phone customers, you may not want to rush out and buy an iPhone right away, but eventually Exchange will be supported. I’m guessing there’ll be batteries to work out first anyway.


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What we have here is a failure to failover

20 Apr , 2007  

Cool_hand_luke_2Paraphrasing Cool Hand Luke. It sounds like RIM’s Blackberry network email problems were due to their email servers not properly failing over from Waterloo, Ontario to the facilities in the UK.

Surely the Ops team at RIM are scrambling to figure out why and better test the failover.

Meanwhile, the confidence to function has been shaken in every exec, manager and politician on the north American continent.

Paul_atreidesI’m actually disappointed that this was the problem. I had suspected the true cause was that Paul Muad’Dib Atreides (of the Dune planet Arrakis) had stopped the flow of the spice melange, preventing the folding of space by the Spacing Guild "RIM" Navigators, preventing the delivery of Crackberry emails throughout the universe.

The RIM "failover story" is probably just some cover up to hide all of this from us. So if you see any RIM guys hanging around, give them the gom jabbar treatment until they fess up about what’s really going on. I see plans within plans…

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Blackberry without a network

18 Apr , 2007  

What do you call a Blackberry without a network?

a Lackberry

lol. You heard it here first. Now, add your own answer to the question (either on your blog or comment on this post.)